Go Humanity, Go! 23 million lives saved.

We have the team. We have the factory.
We have the life-saving foods. Let’s do this.

We Are Edesia

Founded in 2010, Edesia is a non-profit, social enterprise, comprised of 150 people from 25 countries that operates around the clock producing specialized foods that target the different stages of malnutrition. We partner with humanitarian aid organizations like USAID, UNICEF and WFP who distribute our products all over the world.


Every 11 seconds a child dies from severe malnutrition

Haiti Day

Join the Fight

Climate change, conflict and economic disruptions are driving the need for our foods to levels we have never seen before. Three million children will die from malnutrition this year and 100% of these deaths are preventable. Let’s work together to end this crisis.

What is RUTF

RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) is a life-saving peanut-based paste made from milk powder, peanuts, soy, oil, sugar, and vitamins and minerals. We call this miracle food Plumpy’Nut. It does not require water or refrigeration, can be administered at home and can rehabilitate a child under five in just eight weeks.


We’ve made the food that’s saved 23 million lives in 65 countries. We’re just getting started.



Edesia is a member of a network of independent producers of Ready-to-use Therapeutic and Supplemental Foods across the globe. Most PlumpyField partners manufacture locally, in countries and regions where Plumpy’Nut and other products are most needed – Ethiopia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Madagascar, India, Haiti, and Nigeria. Edesia works closely with these partners, believing that local supply is an important component of a healthy supply ecosystem – complementing the supply that comes from industrialized countries like the United States. It contributes to economic development and long-term sustainability in the Global South.


Recipient of 2022
McNulty Prize

The McNulty Prize is awarded to those who demonstrate moral courage, vision and a track record of a bold, lasting impact.

From refugee
to life saver

Hear from Andrew Kamara who has been where millions of children are today. Our very own Vice President of Operations.

UN Security
Council Meeting

Watch Navyn brief the United Nations Security Council, chaired by Secretary Blinken on ending famine and global food insecurity.

The Plumpy’Nut

Follow the journey of our life-saving foods, from farm to factory, to the children we reach.