Edesia is on a mission to end hunger
and malnutrition worldwide.

We make Plumpy’Nut® — the only
ready-to-use therapeutic food endorsed
by the World Health Organization to cure
severe acute malnutrition in children.

An Open Letter to Putin, From the Frontlines of Famine

Click above to read Navyn Salem’s open letter to Putin featured in Katie Couric’s Wake-Up Call. 

The Plumpy’Nut® Journey: From the Farm to a Malnourished Child

We make 1.5 million Plumpy’Nut packets a day. Follow the journey our life-saving food takes to save a life.

Join us now

The need for Plumpy’Nut has never been greater. Please help us meet the growing demands from our humanitarian partners. All of us must work together to help end this crisis.