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Chobani™ Ends Child Hunger

Introducing Chobani™ Ends Child Hunger, wholesome peanut snacks made by Edesia that give back to humanity – 100% of profits will help nourish children worldwide.


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Nut & Fruit Blends
for Baby

Gently introduce peanuts to your little peanut* with a delicious snack that’s easy to swallow and full of wholesome ingredients.


Apple and banana flavors found in Harris Teeter, Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, and Fresh Direct.

Nutrient Spreads
for the Family

For picky eaters and savvy snackers seeking naturally delicious options – a fun, wholesome, and tasty peanut treat.


Plain, Chocolate, and Cookie Dough flavors found in Publix, Target, Harris Teeter, and Fresh Direct.

*For most infants with severe eczema and/or egg allergy who are already eating solid foods, introducing foods containing ground peanuts between 4 and 10 months of age and continuing consumption may reduce the risk of developing peanut allergy by 5 years of age. FDA has determined, however, that the evidence supporting this claim is limited to one study. If your infant has severe eczema and/or egg allergy, check with your infant’s healthcare provider before feeding foods containing ground peanuts.
Announced 9.21.21

Our Big News

Edesia’s R&D, manufacturing, and global humanitarian reach combined with Chobani’s marketing, sales, and distribution power means getting to our shared goal of ending hunger and malnutrition faster.As a result of this partnership and our supporters, we have already sent containers of our life-saving foods to Haiti, Uganda, Somalia, and Chad.

Working to end hunger and malnutrition

A Purposeful Partnership

“We believe that children, no matter where they live, deserve the basic human right of food and nutrition. From Afghanistan to Haiti, hunger and malnutrition is completely preventable.”

Navyn Salem
Edesia Founder & CEO

“Childhood hunger in the U.S. and malnutrition globally are dual crises, and we have the opportunity and the responsibility to take additional action through this beautiful partnership.”

Hamdi Ulukaya
Chobani Founder & CEO