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Who We Serve

Young children

We make a range of ready-to-use foods that were developed to help treat and prevent malnutrition for children between the ages of six months and five years. 


Nutrition helps children succeed in all areas of life, which is why we formulated a ready-to-use food especially for schoolchildren. This is especially valuable in schools without kitchens. 


Our foods help displaced people without access to nutritious meals. They help fill the gaps when emergency kits do not meet the nutritional needs of small children or pregnant women. 


Well-nourished mothers give their newborns the best possible start in life. This is why we make ready-to-use foods that prevent and treat malnutrition in pregnant and lactating mothers.

HIV patients

Our ready-to-use foods are delivered to HIV clinics, where they are given to severely malnourished children and adults who are taking anti-retrovirals. 

Are you a humanitarian organization with a nutrition program?

If you are (or are interested in starting one) and would like to learn more about which products would fit best into your programming, please contact our nutritionist.