Plumpy'Nut revolutionized the treatment of severe acute malnutrition in young children living in the most inhospitable places on earth.

Watch Michel Lescanne, the French inventor of Plumpy'Nut, talk about the history of this revolutionary Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food. 


There once was a time when treating starving and malnourished children was a hopeless endeavor. Thanks to decades of scientific research, the persistence of a French food engineer and a French pediatrician, Plumpy'Nut emerged in 1996 from Nutriset as a revolutionary solution.

The new fortified peanut butter formula preserved inside a highly portable foil packet did not require water or refrigeration to bring severely malnourished children back to health rapidly. Plumpy'Nut also changed the delivery process. Expensive inpatient hospital care gave way to cost-effective outpatient care with careful monitoring by the community health system. Mothers could now rehabilitate their sick children at home rather than stand by helplessly in a hospital room far from home and other important responsibilities.

Plumpy'Nut was slowly embraced by the humanitarian community as more children's lives were saved. It took nearly 10 years before the innovative "miracle in a packet" solution was officially recognized as the gold standard treatment by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. Plumpy'Nut, also known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), is now widely used to reach millions of sick and malnourished children in the world's hardest-to-reach and most inhospitable places.

Nutriset continues their research to develop products to address the complex needs of malnourished children — while at the same time they support the PlumpyField Network to build up nutritional autonomy in countries where the need is greatest.

Edesia builds on Nutriset's solid foundation to innovate new products, such as MeWe, and does everything possible to help further the impact and reach of lifesaving ready-to-use foods.