We take pride in our work and are always striving to do better. In 2015, Edesia won the Providence Business News Manufacturing Award for "Workplace Development and Productivity." 


Edesia builds upon the innovative solutions first invented by Nutriset in Normandy, France. Since 2010, Edesia has been producing the highest quality ready-to-use foods (RUFs) under license from Nutriset.


Edesia is the only ready-to-use food manufacturer in the United States with the ability to conduct research and development into new products to better meet the needs of different populations worldwide. 

Creative ways to support our mission

Since opening our factory doors in 2010, we have proudly welcomed the public to see how we do what we do. It helps open more eyes to the malnutrition crisis that is affecting more than 220 million children worldwide. Awareness is the key to saving more lives.

If you, your group, or your company would like to get more involved with Edesia and support our mission in the biggest way possible, please browse our new menu of opportunities and contact us through the online form.

We look forward to connecting with you and laying the foundation of a better world by ending childhood malnutrition.

Impact Tour
One-hour experience exploring the mission of Edesia, how Plumpy’Nut is made and distributed, and the impact it has worldwide. (Did you know that since production began in 2010, our lifesaving foods have reached over 9 million children in over 50 countries?) Please contact us to make your reservation.

Suggested donation: $20 per person ($10 for students)

Production Experience
Experience our production facility first hand. In this two-hour experience, we’ll start you off with The Impact Tour and then get right into letting YOU make the impact. Go through GMP (General Manufacturing Practice) training, get suited up, and step onto the factory floor. Follow the process of making Plumpy’Nut from start to finish and even lend a hand in packing our boxes to ship to those who need it most. (Did you know we can make 1,000,000 packets of Plumpy’Nut per day?) For individuals and small groups.

Suggested donation: $150 per person, four person minimum

Team Building
We build teams and trust when we make an impact together. Edesia’s corporate opportunities enable just that. Your team will get to experience first-hand the impact of your company’s donation and contribute to it as they step into the factory, train in GMP (General Manufacturing Practice), suit up, and prepare Plumpy’Nut shipments for international famine relief. An Appreciation Reception with members of Edesia’s team, refreshments, and photo opportunities make this a memorable and shareable experience for all.

Suggested Donation: $10,000, up to 20 people for the day

Full Shipment
One full shipping container of Plumpy’Nut holds the potential to save 1,100 young lives. The “Fill a Shipping Container” Corporate opportunity brings your team together to experience the Edesia facility and package our Plumpy’Nut boxes for shipment. We’ll sticker your lovingly-made boxes with your company logo and provide regular updates on the delivery and impact of your container. We’ll also welcome your team to an Appreciation Reception with members of Edesia’s team, host refreshments, and photo opportunities, and distribute a press release and communications to share your generosity with others.

Suggested donation: $75,000

Help Us Help the Food Bank
Hunger and malnutrition is worldwide and in our own communities. This experience lets you roll up your sleeves in our Innovation Center to give a little hometown help to local children in need. We’ll package up 8,000 packets of Edesia’s newest nut butter product, specially designed to provide children ages 6-36 months with the essential nutrition they need to grow up healthy. Packages will then be delivered to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank or a food bank of your choice to optimize their local impact.

Suggested Donation: $10,000

Test Kitchen Experience
Bring your inner foodie and your taste buds for some fun in the test kitchen! This 90-minute experience includes The Impact Tour and the opportunity to taste test our products and learn about their development with our certified food technologist. Bring your inner foodie and your taste buds for some fun in the test kitchen! This 90-minute experience includes The Impact Tour and the opportunity to taste test our products and learn about their development with our certified food technologist.

Suggested Donation: $75 per person, four person minimum

We have a passion for what we do and love sharing our story. From leadership to logistics, going non-profit and non-stop, and navigating a growing business, we have learned so much along the way. Let Edesia’s leaders inspire, engage, and challenge your team. (Executive, employee, classroom, sports or other audiences welcome!)

Starting Keynote Rates:

$1,000 – Maria Kasparian, Executive Director, Edesia
$2,500 – Navyn Salem, Founder and CEO, Edesia

Inquire for other guest speaking opportunities

*Rates start within the Providence Metro Area. Contact us to share your topic of interest, for more information, and availability.