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Edesia’s peanut butter is now helping schoolchildren across the United States stay well-nourished.

We Fight
Hunger in the USA

Due to the impacts of the global pandemic, as many as 13 million (one in six) children in the U.S. may experience hunger and food insecurity. Many families are unable to provide adequate, nutritious food for their children.

MeWe (Love) Peanut Butter is our new single-serve, 32g peanut butter squeeze pack intended for emergency use throughout the United States. Large quantities are available for procurement.

During the pandemic, we drove to NYC with our peanut butter to help stock up Chobani’s new food pantry.
Working to end hunger in the USA

Built for Crisis

During the pandemic, the Edesia team didn’t flinch when we saw the food insecurity crisis growing right here at home. We quickly re-engineered our factory to make our MeWe peanut butter available to food banks and school lunch programs.