Who We Are.

Our video, Every Step of the Way, captures our impact in Liberia and Sierra Leone, as seen through the eyes of our founder and two dedicated employees originally from those two countries.

We are one team united toward a single goal: ending malnutrition

Our Story

Edesia is a non-profit, social enterprise that makes life-saving ready-to-use foods to help end the global malnutrition crisis. Since 2010—through our partnerships with USAID, UNICEF, WFP, and others—we have nourished over 23 million children across 65 countries.

Little Girl
Watch the journey we took to help transform the lives of millions of malnourished children.


Malnutrition is 100% preventable. We have the tools. With action, we can end this global health crisis.

Edesia was the Roman Goddess of food. She ensured that our food was excellent and our feasts bountiful.

A Light-Bulb Moment

This 60 Minutes segment by Anderson Cooper about Plumpy’Nut saving lives in Niger inspired us to widen the reach of this life-saving ready-to-use therapeutic food.