About Us.

Our video, “Every Step of the Way,” captures our impact in Liberia and Sierra Leone, as seen through the eyes of our founder and two dedicated employees originally from those two countries.

We are Edesia

Edesia is a non-profit, social enterprise that makes life-saving ready-to-use foods to help end the global hunger and malnutrition crisis. Since 2010—through our partnerships with UNICEF, the World Food Programme, USAID/USDA, and others—we have nourished over 16 million children across 60 countries.

Watch the journey we took to help transform the lives of millions of malnourished children.

The Start

In 2007, Edesia’s founder traveled to her father’s birthplace, Tanzania, and discovered that malnutrition — a 100% preventable global health crisis getting very little attention — was responsible for the deaths of 5 million children each year. After she learned about Plumpy’Nut, a fortified peanut paste endorsed by the World Health Organization as a cure for acute malnutrition, she founded Edesia. 

What does the name “Edesia” mean?

Edesia is the Roman Goddess of food who presides over banquets and plenty. Mythology states that she ensured that feasts went well and the food was excellent. Her name comes from the Latin verb edes, which means “to eat.” We chose the name as a symbol of the company’s commitment to nourishing the world.

A Light-Bulb Moment

This 60 Minutes segment by Anderson Cooper about Plumpy’Nut saving lives in Niger inspired us to widen the reach of this life-saving ready-to-use therapeutic food. 

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