Make Malnutrition History.

Every dollar donated through December 2025 will be DOUBLED, thanks to a pivotal gift from the Bezos family including a $10 million matching challenge.

That’s double the lives saved – all to make malnutrition something covered in the history books not the nightly news.

Our Plan

With your gift, Edesia will:

>  Double the production of life-saving foods to nourish 10 million children every year.

>  Move beyond emergency care into preventing malnutrition in the first place.

>  Urge governments to take the issue of malnutrition seriously.


Your Gift: Doubled

Thanks to a matching gift from the Bezos family, every dollar given to Edesia, up to $10 million, will be doubled for the next two years. By giving to the Make Malnutrition History matching challenge, your gift will help us double the children we can reach who are caught in humanitarian crises around the world.

Together we can end malnutrition for good. Join us in being part of history.

We have the team. We have the factory.
We have the life-saving foods. Let’s do this.

With a donation of $50, we can save one child’s life by feeding them nutrient-packed foods.

Give today and together let’s make malnutrition history.