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Help end the crisis.

Since opening our factory doors in 2010, we have proudly welcomed the public to see how we do what we do. Sharing our work opens more eyes to the malnutrition crisis that is affecting more than 300 million children worldwide. If you, your group, or your company would like to get more involved with Edesia and support our mission, please browse our menu of opportunities and then send us a message by clicking on the button below.

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Virtual Factory Tour

One-hour Zoom experience exploring the mission of Edesia, how Plumpy’Nut is made and distributed, and the impact it has worldwide. Perfect experience for groups of all ages, from anywhere across the country! 

Suggested donation:
$500 per tour 

Production Tour

In this two-hour experience, you’ll have a full immersive tour of our production floor. You’ll go through training, get suited up, and walk around the factory floor, meeting Edesia’s production team along the way. During this tour you will see the full process of making Plumpy’Nut and help pack some boxes along the way.

Suggested donation:
$1,000 per person, four person minimum

Team Building

Your team will get to experience first-hand the impact of your company’s donation and contribute to it as they step into the factory, suit up, and prepare Plumpy’Nut shipments for distribution around the world.

Suggested Donation:
$25,000, up to 20 people for the day

Fill a Shipping Container

This corporate opportunity brings your team together to experience the Edesia facility and package our Plumpy’Nut boxes for shipment. We’ll customize the event with your team, sticker your boxes with your company logo and provide you updates of the impact of your container. An appreciation reception with Edesia staff is included.

Suggested donation: $100,000

The Food Bank

This experience lets you roll up your sleeves in order to give a little hometown help to local children in need. We’ll package up 8,000 packets of Edesia’s MeWe Love Peanut Butter. Packages will then be delivered to the RI Community Food Bank or a food bank of your choice.

Suggested Donation: $10,000

Test Kitchen Tour

This 90-minute experience includes a tour of Edesia’s factory and the opportunity to taste test our new products and flavors with our Food Technologists.

Suggested Donation:
$75 per person, four person minimum