Advocacy Hero

the Issue

Edesia is dedicated to advocacy around the topic of global food insecurity and malnutrition, and their contributing factors and solutions. Edesia engages in the advancement of these topics by hosting educational events, generating media content, and participating in various speaking engagements with the U.S. government, NGOs, donors, partners, and the public in Rhode Island, the U.S. and around the globe. Our efforts focus on sustained and increased funding for nutrition programs, as well as supporting and advocating for new legislation and programming that raises the profile of and support for global nutrition.

Factory Employee

the Masses

Edesia hosts groups both in-person and virtually at our factory throughout the year. Our tours start in a mock clinic setting, where we are able to demonstrate how a child is weighed and measured and therefore what type of product is needed for his or her recovery. The design of our factory is set up such that visitors can observe from start to finish what it takes to make our life-saving foods. We focus our tours on education on malnutrition and the relation to factors such as refugees, food insecurity, climate change, and more.



Edesia is a member of PlumpyField, which is a network of independent producers of RUTF across the globe, who manufacture locally, in countries where they are most needed – places like Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nigeria. Edesia works closely with these partners, believing that sourcing locally contributes to the sustainability and economic development of those countries who are fighting against malnutrition.