Advocacy Hero

the Issue

Edesia is dedicated to advocacy around the topic of global food security and nutrition, and their contributing factors and solutions. To advance attention and urgency for these areas, Edesia engages with U.S. Congressional representatives, hosts educational events, generates media content, and participates in speaking engagements with the U.S. government, NGOs, donors, partners, and the public in Rhode Island, the U.S. and around the globe. Our efforts focus on sustained and increased funding and support for nutrition programs. We also advocate for optimized nutrition programming and for legislation that prioritizes support for global nutrition.

Factory Employee

the Masses

Edesia hosts groups both in-person and virtually at our facility throughout the year. Our tours start in a model clinic setting, where we are able to demonstrate how community-based management of malnutrition takes place in the field. The design of our factory and warehouse is set up such that visitors can observe from start to finish what it takes to make our life-saving foods. We focus our tours on education about nutrition/malnutrition and social entrepreneurship. We also discuss important related factors such as refugee crises, food insecurity, climate change, and more.