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“Don’t Stop Us Now!” Podcast, Episode 17

Navyn Salem was told over and over that with no previous relevant experience she’d never succeed. Her vision was to build a factory to manufacture a food supplement called “Plumpy Nut” that could save the lives of children with malnutrition in the developing world.

Fortunately for the world, she chose to ignore all the pessimistic advice and forged ahead to set up her not for profit, Edesia Nutrition.

In the past 11 years and a state-of-the-art factory later, Navyn and her team at Edesia have helped 7 million malnourished children in 51 countries. It hasn’t been easy but Navyn is not someone who likes to give up easily.

In this episode, hear Navyn speak inspiringly and openly about:

  • How she was never afraid to ask for help
  • The importance of being curious and getting outside of one’s bubble to learn new perspectives
  • Her belief that being a female CEO should never be something unusual and how she’s encouraging her four daughters to be fearless in their pursuit of leadership
  • The life changing stories of the impact of the nutritional supplement, ‘Plumpy Nut’, and how it inspires her every day.

We just loved our conversation with Navyn. She’s one of those people who is clearly amazing but also incredibly down to earth and authentic.

Enjoy this episode with the inspiring and motivating Navyn Salem.


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