Our Mission

Edesia’s mission is to help treat and prevent malnutrition for the world’s most vulnerable populations. 


We make Plumpy’Nut – a revolutionary ready-to-use therapeutic food that delivers the essential nutrients needed to save the lives of millions severely malnourished children worldwide.

the Alarm

The world faces an unprecedented hunger crisis. The intertwined threats of climate change, conflict, and the pandemic are leading to scarcity of critical resources and sharp increases in food and gas prices. With no end in sight, the lives of millions of children are at risk if we don’t take immediate action.

The Plumpy’Nut®

Follow the Plumpy’Nut journey from American peanut farms to our Rhode Island factory to the massive container ships that bring sachets of Plumpy’Nut across the seas and into the hands of families all over the world. 

Join us now

The need has never been greater. Edesia must ramp up our output to most cost-effectively meet the urgent demands from our humanitarian partners. Please join us to help mitigate the suffering of children caused by this global crisis.