Meet the Team.



After studying agro-economics and sociology of development, Adeline Lescanne Gautier joined the Nutriset Group founded in 1986 by her father, Michel Lescanne. She first developed its international network of franchised producers, the PlumpyField network. She is currently the CEO of the Nutriset Group and board member of several companies of RUTF producers around the world and University in France. She also acts as board member for the ethical committee for a Communication Agency.

The Nutriset Group has chosen to place improving the nutrition of vulnerable populations at the heart of its activity by designing, producing and distributing innovative nutritional solutions. Its current products cover the entire field of acute and chronic malnutrition, from prevention to treatment. Since the invention of the first RUTF in 1996, Nutriset is the world leader in the design and production of humanitarian nutritional solutions for countries in the South.

Taking into account the broader interest in nutrition of health authorities, the various entities of the Nutriset Group aim to offer nutritional solutions to the most vulnerable populations, in order to be healthier and live better, thanks to and through nutrition.

In addition to its action to support the programs of international organizations, the Nutriset Group acts to support national health, nutrition and food policies, mainly in middle and low-income countries. The Group provides its support, in the form of investments and technical assistance to partner companies for projects and initiatives contributing to the development of a sustainable agro-industry in the countries of the South.

Employee Spotlight

Andrew Kamara

I am proud to be part of the dedicated team that works to save lives globally, including in my country of Sierra Leone. I still remember the day in 2010 I came for the job interview and saw in the lobby the photos of the smiling kids Edesia was helping. That’s when I knew I’d found a special place where I could give back all my blessings to those who were in the midst of a struggle to survive. After more than a decade of watching the company grow and have such a big impact on the lives of malnourished children, there’s still nowhere else I’d rather be.