Meet the Team.


Jennifer Phillips is the Director of Operations at Edesia. In her current role, Jennifer works in close collaboration with UN agencies including UNICEF, WFP, and USAID to ensure that Edesia’s products are available at the right time and right place to meet the most urgent food crises in the world. Jennifer has a background in Supply Chain Management, and is well-versed in the production and distribution of ready-to-use foods. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University in Business Administration with a specialization in Logistics. Jennifer continued her education at Kuehne Logistics University in Hamburg, Germany where she focused her studies on supply chains in the context of humanitarian disasters and development. She holds a Master of Science degree in Global Logistics and Leadership. Jennifer has since dedicated her career to the application of supply chain principles in the context of humanitarian disasters, first at Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) in Haiti, a local producer of ready-to-use foods, and now at Edesia.

Employee Spotlight

Andrew Kamara

Andrew Kamara is the Director of Logistics and Warehousing at Edesia Nutrition. In his current role, Andrew is charged with overseeing warehousing and exporting activities in collaboration with UNICEF, USAID, WFP and other small customers in adherance with US and international regulations for importing/exporting.

Prior to Edesia, Andrew spent 2 years working for Coca Cola Enterprises as a mid-level Distribution Resource overseeing deliveries, storage and distribution of a wide range of bottled soft drinks. Andrew also spent 6 years working for United Natural Foods as a Quality Assurance Specialist and a grocery/ repackaging Supervisor.

Andrew studied Political Science & International relations from the University of Connecticut and has an Advance Diploma in Electronics from NIIT Accra, Ghana.