Meet the Team.


Tom Stehl is the VP of Growth at Edesia. In his current role, Tom oversees the engineering and procurement departments, and overseas Edesia's growth and expansion projects. Prior to his current role, Tom was the Director of Strategy for Edesia, and prior to that served as the COO of the MeWe commercial brand and the Deputy Director of Edesia. Before the launch of MeWe, Tom led the construction of Edesia’s new state-of-the-art factory and transitioned all aspects of the organization to it. Prior to Edesia, Tom spent nearly eight years growing the non-profit organization Meds & Food for Kids (MFK), a manufacturer of Plumpy’Nut based in Haiti. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with master’s degrees in business administration and social work.

Employee Spotlight

Andrew Kamara

Andrew Kamara is the VP of Operations, where he manages the manufacturing side of Edesia, overseeing manufacturing, quality and logistics/warehouse. Andrew has been with Edesia for 13 years and has served in many different positions across the organization.

Prior to Edesia, Andrew spent two years working for Coca Cola Enterprises as a mid-level Distribution Resource overseeing deliveries, storage and distribution of a wide range of bottled soft drinks. Andrew also spent six years working for United Natural Foods as a Quality Assurance Specialist and a grocery/ repackaging Supervisor.

Andrew studied Political Science & International relations from the University of Connecticut and has an Advance Diploma in Electronics from NIIT Accra, Ghana.